CANOMIX | About The Company
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About The Company

Medical Cannabis Breeding Experts 

CanOmix is an Israeli licensed cannabis R&D company, developing technologies and smart solutions for the cannabis growers, breeders and producers. 
CanOmix science-based tools aimed at bringing accuracy and efficiency to cannabis cultivation, making medical cannabis breeding and growing easier, better and safer.

Our Mission

Deploying scientific knowledge and advanced technologies to produce medical-grade cannabis products and breed premium cannabis strains, in the most accurate, consistent and cost effective way.

Our team

Noam Chehanovsky

Dr. Noam Chehanovsky

CEO & Founder

One of the leading cannabis scientists in Israel, former from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today, Dr. Chehanovsky is leading cannabis-research in Israel and working with medical-cannabis farms in Israel, USA and Canada. He is deeply involved with the Israeli cannabis regulation and have close relationship with the medical cannabis unit of the Ministry of Health. Dr. Chehanovsky holds an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and a Ph.D. in Plant Genetics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yaniv Zohar

Yaniv Zohar

Head of Business Development

Mr. Zohar have over 12 years of experience in worldwide operations in the field of trade and retail. In the last 5 years, he established and operated the activities of a big international retail group, in North and South America. Mr. Zohar holds an MBA form Ben-Gurion and B.Sc. In electrical engineering.

Amit Chehanvosky

Amit Chehanvosky

Head of Operations

Amit brings 14 years of experience working in sales, customer care and logistic. Before joining canomix, Amit managed a team of 25 salespeople in a major internet company in Israel. He is the magician that makes things happen and deadlines to be met on time.