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EZ solutions

The EZ-solutions line provides easy-to-use solutions for cannabis growers and breeders. Based on science, the EZ-solution products provides every grower with the most advanced tools, enabling them to grow, produce seeds and breed in the most effective manner.



Make your own feminized seeds in only few simple steps. EZ-FemSeeds is an innovative, hormone-based solution, enabling every growers to produce 1,000’s of high-quality feminized seeds. Whether for self-pollination to keep your favorite strain or cross-pollination to breed for new strains, EZ-FemSeeds will make it in the most simple and efficient way. The product does not contain colloidal silver, is environment friendly, and safe for the plant and human.

EZ-FemSeeds    Leading competitor
Sprays per day 1 3-4
Spray duration 5 days 21 days

 (seeds per plant)

>1000 seeds
10 -100 seeds
Safety Organic, non toxic Toxic for plant, health, environment
Effect on plant Promotes growth Causes damage, inhibits growth